If you are writing me to get a tattoo hello and thank you. One thing to consider before getting started is if I am the right tattooer for you.  I do not necessarily do traditional tattoos (though i like doing them) the foundation of my tattooing comes from a traditional background and I adhere to the structure of what traditional tattoos are.  Even though the pattern of what I do isn’t as identifiable as traditional designs, I have my own style and process that is particular to me.

Another thing to consider is that if your coming to me to try and realize an idea that you have in your head and you have no visual reference material that illustrates the idea for me clearly, what I come up with will be a product of my own style, that comes from my own head, and my own hand. My work isn’t a process like the graphic designer, of trying time and time again to find that thing in your head that you can’t illustrate.  My work, is just that, its my work. If its not my work or my interpretation of a particular piece of reference material that you are looking for, then I might not be the right tattooer for you- (though don’t get me wrong, straight copying some piece of reference thats not horrible and cutting and pasting something is perfectly fine also, I really don’t mind).

But hopefully I am the right person, and I appreciate any interest that you have, but also, not offended if i am not the one, there are many great tattooers out there that offer many different kinds of things.

Thank you for reading.

This wasn’t meant to be a dissertation, but I should throw a couple more things out there now that we are here.  If everything I’ve written seems alright to you please include in the email a brief description of what the idea for the tattoo is that you wanted.  Be wary that your description is visual, and not how you “feel” about something. Tattooing is a visual art and you can best benefit this process by researching visual references of what you want.  Also include in the email whatever pictures of reference material that you have that would detail for me what kind of idea you are thinking of. The pictures don’t have to be exactly what you are looking for, but things with visual leads for what I should be focusing on when I draw your tattoo, such as content and composition, if applicable. Unless its not necessary I will do my own search for reference material also, the more the merrier.

Please allow a week or so for a response to your email, I can’t always respond right away.  After we develop some communication we will set up a consultation in person at the tattoo shop so we can talk briefly about the tattoo, so I can get a tracing of the area to be tattooed, and take a non-refundable deposit to set up an appointment to do the tattoo.

  •  The drawing for the tattoo will not be seen until the day of the tattoo appointment-  I know that this takes a considerable amount of trust, but time limitations, and organization of a schedule make this necessary.  Our time together is the day of the appointment and the consultation.  I do not book myself super tight so if we need to make any last minute changes we will have time to do so.
  • There are a couple exceptions to this, like doing something huge like a backpiece. This would be seen before the appointment though the deposit for the tattoo would be larger.
  • Thank you again, I am honored that you would consider me and trust me for the task.